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Chelyabinsk Electric Equipment Plant

Why are we the right choice

Chelyabinsk Electric Equipment Plant

Why are we the right choice

Extensive experience in electric equipment production

We have vast experience in both electric equipment production and electric installation works, which is confirmed by the list of our completed projects and positive customer feedback

We go through each order in detail

Every detail is important to us. The high quality of our electric equipment and installation works is far above the price you pay

Best Components Only

Chelyabinsk Electric Equipment Plant uses only proven and high-quality components. There is a Certificate of Conformity and Quality Certificate for part of the installation.

Qualified Experts

ТCEEP professionals include the best experts. They will design, produce, and assemble your electric equipment, no matter how complex it is, within short time, and always to a high standard.

Highest Quality

Quality Control experts thoroughly inspect each item throughout the production cycle. Our Quality Management System is certified and conforms to GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008).

Our Company sets a high value on reputation. You can be sure that our products have all the required certificates and are produced using high-tech foreign equipment by high-skilled professionals

Shortest Production Time

Chelyabinsk Electric Equipment Plant cooperates with the major producers only. Materials are supplied in the shortest time possible to reduce the production time without affecting the quality of our products.

You can see our production process firsthand

You are welcome to visit the laser-cutting line, CNC bending machines, and the assembly line in operation. You can trace the project status and personally oversee the process at any time. You may also attend tests and internal acceptance of products.

Implementation of more than 30 project

By being able to perform any type of installation works all by ourselves (with no subcontractors involved), we can offer lowest prices for our services


  • A vast base of unique engineering solutions;
  • Our Technical Department is capable of solving complex and challenging tasks owing to the large expertise;
  • Comprehensive approach to problem solving;
  • Wide range of products and services;
  • Protective packaging and «to-door» delivery;
  • Skilled and attentive employees.

All Photos of the Plant

Our Customers and Partners

Our Plant has proved to be a reliable partner and it is the trust of our customers that is the best reward for our efforts

Quality Policy

The main line of CEEP LLC activity is permanent improvement of the business economic performance through development, production, and sale of electrical equipment of the quality level in accordance with the specifications and expectations of our customers.

CEEP LLC Top Management are committed and undertake to implement this POLICY in line with the QMS requirements, have it communicated to and understood by each Company employee, make sure it is followed up and implemented by personnel as operation guidance, and provide for permanent improvement of QMS performance.

We work all across Russia

We work all across Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok!
There is no task we are unable to accomplish
You can see that for yourself