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Air Insulated Switchgear

Series 366, 386, 393, 313,up to 10 kV
Air Insulated Switchgear

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The chambers SUM of Series 300 are designed for operation in 3-phase 50 Hz and 60 Hz, 6 kV and 10 kV rated AC voltage electric installations for a system with a neutral insulated or earthedvia arc suppression coil, in moderate (N) climate, placement category 3 according to GOST 15150.

Switchgears (SG) used for electric power receipt and distribution are assembled from the chambers SUM. Their operation principle is determined by an aggregate of circuitry of the main and auxiliary chamber circuits.


Parameter designation Parameter value
High-voltage (HV) side rated voltage, kV 6; 10
High-voltage (HV) side maximum operating voltage, kV 7,2; 12
Rated current of main circuits, A 400; 630; 1000
Rated breaking current of the chamber SUM with vacuum circuit breaker, kA
20; 31,5
Rated breaking current of the chamber SUM with load-break switch, A 630
Short-time thermal current (3 s)
20; 31.5
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V:
– AC and DC protection, control and alarm circuits
– voltage measuring transformers circuits
– lighting



Symbol structure


SUM – switchgear of unilateral maintenance manufactured by Chelyabinsk Electric Equipment Plant LLC

Modification: 366; 386; 393; 313

Switching device type:

  • Gas-blast load-break switch Not installed;
  • SF – SF6 load-break switch

Main circuits diagram part No.

Rated current, A (630)

Manufacturer:: Ч – Chelyabinsk Electric Equipment Plant

Climatic modification and placement category according to GOST15150-69


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  • Design classification

    SUM classification attributes Design
    Insulation level according to GOST 1516.1 chambers SUM with normal (standard) insulation
    Insulation type Air insulation
    Busbar insulation With non-insulated buses;With insulated buses
    Design of high-voltage lead-in lines with cable connection(s);With bussed connection
    Servicing conditions
    With unilateral maintenance
    In terms of climatic modifications and placement category
    Placement category 3, climatic modification N according to GOST 15150, GOST 15543.1


    Structural design

    The chamber SUM is a metal structure made of sheet roll-formed sections. The housing components manufacturing process starts in the design engineering department, then the drawings are sent to the laser machine shop where future housing parts are being cut from sheet metal. Upon completion of the cutting process, fabricated materials are sent to the bending machine, and then welding and surface preparation for powder coating occur. Metal thickness of the housing parts varies from 1 to 5 mm.

    Equipment of the chamber SUM main and auxiliary circuits is located inside the chamber. Handles of driving units and control switches are arranged at the front. Protection, control and alarm relays, metering and accounting instruments are installed both on the front side and inside of the door of the chamber SUM. Doors located on the chamber SUM front side, provide access to the main equipment. The number of doors depends on the SUM design features and its modification.

    Provisions are made in the chamber SUM design for separation of the compartment with auxiliary circuits devices from high-voltage equipment. Interior lighting of 36 V is provided in the chambers SUM.

    All the devices and instruments installed in the chamber SUM which shall be earthed, are connected to earth. In the event of auxiliary circuits devices installation, top door shall be earthed by a flexible wire. Two earthing points, intended for the chamber

    SUM housing connection to the earthing device and for temporary earth arrangement, are located at the bottom of the chamber SUM front side.

    The chamber SUM frame is welded directly to earthed metal structures. Metal-on-metal connection of all the chamber SUM parts is accomplished through the use of cut-in washers in bolted connections.


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  • Come - we will pay

    Travel expenses, airfare, hotel at our expense

    The promotion is valid until December 1, 2016

  • Delivery at our expense

    When ordering the equipment in the amount of 5 mln. rub.

    The promotion is valid until December 1, 2016